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I'm an excellent liar. I really hate the sea water, my mum looks Italian and my dad is my bestfriend. My name is Emma and I'm a scottish farmer. I love soft acoustics and i'm fascinated by watching people strum a guitar. I find strangers really intriguing, i like to be cuddled, i love my mattress. I'm a sucker for romantic things.JOAN ARMATRADING & NATALIE MERCHANT. I don't want to go to university. I love art and maths. My room is never tidy. I love Mike Rosenberg the lead singer of Passenger, ACDC & the vaccines. I love pretty trees. Eyes excite me, they're so complex and enchanting. The internet is my life. I love bonfires and dry wood. I hate my boobs. I love cowboy and western films. I want to touch Barack Obama's bottom lip with my finger. Heatwaves are such a blessing. I have helped a cow give birth. I want to visit Tinto hill (my papa proposed to my grandmother there). I want to go to a surf competition. I've never been to a rugby match. I hate tomatoes. I'm really independent and love being alone. I don't really have much love for animals although elephants are pretty neat. I like christmas lights. I love the colour lime green. Carla is my favourite name ever. I hate my teeth. I've touched a jellyfish on the tentacles. I wish I had natural curls. I want to get a tattoo and drink whiskey and run about america like they do in old films. I want someone to show me their favourite place to be in the whole wide world. I love listening to life stories. I hold my pencil in the most awkward manner. White chocolate. I like to sit on people. I love men's shoes and listening to rock music. IF YOU ARE READING THIS I AADVISE YOU TO TRY VODKA AND ARIZONA ICED TEA, ITS BITCHIN'. I'm scared of the future. I keep everything, from my recently used train tickets to the books i read as a child. I hate my wardrobe. Being in a jacuzzi, on a winters night when it's snowing is indescribable. I love reading books. I don't like warm drinks, especially warm squash. I love the smell of when the grass has just been cut. I love the sound of water gurgling down a drain. I love a bath where i result in being wrinkly. Arctic monkeys & the black keys have lovely little albums. I love wearing a school uniform. I can't cook. Ice cream soda and tropicana are like god's holy water. I couldn't get by without cereal. I never want to grow up. I love taking photos and fiddling about with videos. I hate rice pudding. Rice should not be in a dessert!? I cry. A LOT. I love being left to think. I'm good at tongue twisters. I despise being allergic to perfume and highly scented sprays. I want to have children when I'm older and get married. I'd hate to be a goldfish. I believe that we were put on this earth to see and do everything we want to. I want to go bag-packing. I want to go to Utah Colours Festival. I want to go a pub-crawl weekend in Ireland. I want to go on a foreign exchange to America with the Young Farmers. My farmhouse is the cosiest house you'll ever enter and one i never want to leave. I dont like long telephone calls. I believe in working hard. I hate 'time'. We are not friends as I am forever running late. Winter in Scotland is dreadful it's disgusting. I really would like an Iphone. I want to be proposed to in the most amazing place by the most amazing man. I must always have my nails painted. I believe in same sex marriage. I love the smell of pine forests. I never ever text back, LIKE EVER. I find orchids really beautiful. I once stared at the moon abroad and thought about someone. I love when it's really calm and you can see loads of starts. I like the words - nebula and utopia. I want everyone i meet to smile about something. Making someone laugh is the best feeling in the world. "Live fast. Die Pretty." Lana Del Ray.
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